Condair DC condensing dehumidifiers

Condensing dehumidifiers are ideal for lowering humidity levels to around 50%RH and at temperatures above 15°C.

The Condair DC range offers capacities from 75-930 litres per day and air flows from 800 to 8,500m³/h, making the dehumidifiers ideal for drying complete buildings. The systems can deliver dry air directly to a room's atmosphere or be connected to a building's ventilation system.

All models come with a hot-gas defrost feature as standard and only use highly efficient R410A refrigerant gas.

Condair DC dehumidifiers can be free-standing or positioned on mobile trolleys for use around a building. Dry air can be delivered directly to a room's atmosphere or ducted to a building's ventilation system.

The housing is galvanised metal with a powder coated enamel as standard and available in stainless steel as an option.

Operation is controlled via its on-board digital display, an optional remotely located controller up to 50m away or via a BMS (Modbus).

The Condair DC dehumidifiers use energy efficient EC fans with a three speed selection.

Features and benefits

  • Ideal for bringing the humidity level down to around 50%RH
  • Wide range of capacities from a single unit 75-930 litres per day
  • Can deliver dry air directly to a room's atmosphere or to a ventilation system
  • Only high quality branded components used in refrigerant circuit and R410A
  • Hot gas defrost and energy efficient EC fans as standard

Dehumidification through condensation

Condair DC dehumidifiers remove moisture from an atmosphere with a refrigerant circuit system. This makes them ideal for use in areas that require >50%RH.

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T Clarke

Doug Lumb

Project Engineer

“The Condair DC 50W dehumidifier was actually chosen by our designers, as it fitted the bill perfectly for the environment. The unit size was based on the quantities of kit hung in the room to dry when the firefighters return to the Centre at the end of their training exercises.

It’s a reliable product and currently operating at the station just as expected, plus installation was really simple and didn’t take long at all, so all very good.

I would definitely specify Condair dehumidifiers for future projects.”

John Todd Refrigeration (JTR)

Matt Gough

Refrigeration Engineer

“The rooms need very tight environmental control but the previous strategy introduced outside air to help lower temperatures when needed. JTR redesigned the drying rooms and installed Condair DC-N dehumidifiers.

The dehumidifiers, located in the rooms, both dry and heat the air to the required condition, resulting in a fully sealed area and a consistently controlled drying process.”


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