Condair DL hybrid spray & evaporative humidifier

The Condair DL combines spray and evaporative technologies to provide close control, hygienic in-duct adiabatic humidification with low operating costs.

A grid of nozzles releases a fine spray into the air stream towards a ceramic droplet evaporator. What moisture isn't immediately absorbed by the air precipitates onto this ceramic evaporator. As air flows through its porous surface, more water is absorbed by the air for highly efficient water use and droplet-free humidification.

This efficiency enables the humidifier to provide very close control at up to +/-2%RH, which is a level of control usually only achievable with steam humidification.

Hygienic operation of the humidifier is assured with use of pure reverse osmosis water, flush and drain cycles, a patented "Hygiene Plus" silver ionisation concept, optional H2O2 disinfection and compressed air drying of the water lines.

Features and benefits

  • Initial stage control followed by fully modulating output provides very accurate humidity of up to +/-2%RH
  • Multiple anti-microbial features for extremely hygienic operation
  • Independently certified by the SGS Institut Frensenius for hygienic operation
  • Low energy humidification with the additional benefit of evaporative cooling

Ultra hygienic

The Condair DL is certified by the SGS Institut Frensenius to be hygienic in operation, featuring RO water, silver ionisation, and flush and drain cycles.

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Condair DL system overview

1 - Condair RSF Fine Filter

2 - Condair RT pipe disconnector

3 - Condair Soft water softener

4 - Condair AT reverse osmosis filter

5 - Condair DL control panel

6 - HygienePlus® silver ionization

7 - Atomizing nozzle grid

8 - Ceramic evaporator unit


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